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Dubai Debt “Crisis”

Here I am! My first post on my first blog. What to write? Thought I would be topical and put the main headline from here (Dubai) in a while. I am looking out of my office window now whilst musing how the “crisis” will affect my medical recruitment and HR consultancy business. Who knows!

I have been here for 12 years and have seen many things. This past week has been amzing however I look at it. The very fact that it appears that an admission has taken place that things are not all rosy here is a massive happening. Where this may lead from now on is debatable.

The sun is still shining, cars are still on the road I overlook (Bank Street in Bur Dubai), people still seem busy but somehow the attitudes have changed. This is a gut feel but Dubai feels less frantic and more akin to what it was when I arrived. People have more time and the mad gold rush is over. Hurrah I say.


4 Responses to “Dubai Debt “Crisis””

  1. I hate to be one of those people who say ‘it was better before’ but I think in many ways it was. So as a result of this, if the pace has dropped a gear or two, great I say!

    A great recent addition to Dubai has of course been The Metro. I’m going to put it to the test at the weekend and leave the car at home. I’m going to use ONLY Metro and feeder buses to navigate Dubai. I already know it’s a viable option for my commute to work (thanks to the Burjuman station right by my office), but how will it fare for ‘pleasure trips’ with my shopaholic Mother in tow?! (one shopping mall just isn’t enough!). The fact that this form of transport is even possible is one of the best things I think Dubai has done.

  2. Having never travelled to Dubai I cannot really pass any comment. I would say however that Dubai has always courted the international media very well to publicise “Dubai Inc”. Being in the tourism industry I have marvelled at how Dubai has done this and saved a lot of money in the marketing budgets of the tour operators! Its a shame Wales wasnt as good.

    The downside of all this courting is when things go belly up you really are going to get slammed very hard! “The bigger they are the harder they fall” Dubai cannot really complain at this treatment, after all “live by the sword, die by the sword” My apologies for the liberal use of sayings! Have a great day ALH

  3. Hey, if the bubble has burst,its a good thing. the saddest thing i felt was when i visited dubai again and again after living there was that it was just becoming a massive traffic jam. Hooray to the days when Jebel ali to burjuman took 20minutes! I hated the fact that had changed so much, and even getting around by taxi was just a days trek.
    So its all about balancing it all out again and starting on an even keel again.


    • I totally agree Sandra. It does now take 20 minutes from BJ to Jebel Ali! It has been nearly a month since my first post and things have moved on. The Abu Dhabi bail out etc has eased fears for Dubai in the sense that big brother is, or appears to be, willing to help them but for how long, how much and at what price. It is interseting that last nights Burj Dubai launch is now the Burj Khalifa launch!!! What next?
      Dubai is still in deep trouble but appears to be trying to put a front on it, as usual. Let us see what happens next!

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