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Great news out last week that the Dubai Country Club is coming back, press release on the website http://www.dubaicountryclub.ae

This news has been a long time coming. The old club closed 2.5 years ago and took with it a piece of my, and that of many other people, heart with it. The old club was a wonderful, lived in sort of place with great staff and a friendly family atmosphere. It catered for all ages and nationalities with a good range of sporting and leisure facilities. Overall it was great value and it felt like home when you went there, wherever that home maybe.

The new club promises to follow the traditions laid down over the past 40 years by offering value for money and excellent facilties in a friendly atmosphere.

The phoenix is rising!


Again Wales lose to a Southern Hemisphere team! When will we be able to cut out the basic errors and be more clinical? I am sure it is all now a psychological problem. When we win once surely the mental barriers will fall and we can then move forward?

The game on Saturday was unusual in that we came “out of the blocks” well, at last. The 6 nations had been depressing in the way that we started games. That solved we moved into a good lead only to see it whittled away by basic errors, especially silly turnovers.

Cue the customary late fightback where we nearly win the game! It was not to be on this occassion, unsurprisingly. We maybe able to do this against Scotland but not against a clinical bunch such as the South Africans.

If we are to compete at next years RWC in NZ we have to do something in the upcoimng short tour to NZ. Surely a  performance for 80 minutes is long overdue…………..

Here’s  hoping



Here I am! My first post on my first blog. What to write? Thought I would be topical and put the main headline from here (Dubai) in a while. I am looking out of my office window now whilst musing how the “crisis” will affect my medical recruitment and HR consultancy business. Who knows!

I have been here for 12 years and have seen many things. This past week has been amzing however I look at it. The very fact that it appears that an admission has taken place that things are not all rosy here is a massive happening. Where this may lead from now on is debatable.

The sun is still shining, cars are still on the road I overlook (Bank Street in Bur Dubai), people still seem busy but somehow the attitudes have changed. This is a gut feel but Dubai feels less frantic and more akin to what it was when I arrived. People have more time and the mad gold rush is over. Hurrah I say.